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Swift Price List

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World Rowing

Single Sculls (x1)

The most popular boat sold, our Single Sculls are a high quality , high performance boats offering all the latest in boat technology for you to be at your best come race day.

All of our boat are made using “sandwich construction”, with honeycomb used throughout our Elite and Elite Carbon boats. The hulls of our Club A and Club B boats use Lantor Coremat as the core material, which gives excellent stiffness and durability.

We ensure the same high quality riggers, fittings and finishing on our elite racing boats are used on all our boats across the range. A rigorous quality control system, with every boat checked for various criteria at each stage of production. Furthermore, all data is recorded and used for future development.

The quality of design, construction and performance of our boats is fast being discovered across the country living up to our belief ‘Quality Does not have to Come at a Price.’

Boat Moulds

Mould # 105-107-109L-109H-104-103-106-
Boat type 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x
Crew weight - kgs 50-60 57-70 55-65 65-75 70-83 83-100 100-115
Crew weight - lbs 110-132 125-154 121-143 143-165 154-183 183-220 220-253
Length - cms 790 778 790 790 800 830 845

Boat Weights

Moulds Crew weight Elite C  UpgradeElite Club A Club B
109L- 55-65 14 14 15.5 17
109H- 65-75 14 14 15.5 17
103- 83-100 14.2 14.2 16.2 18
104- 70-83 14 14 15.5 17.5
105- 50-60 14 14 15.5 17
106- 100-115 15.2 15.2 17.5 19.5
107- 57-70 14 14 15.5 17
Variation -0.2/+0.5 -0.2/+0.7 -0.4/+1.0 -0.4/+1.0

FISA Single Scull (1x) minimum weight is 14kg


Cadet 1x 45-60kg

New Design entry level boats for learn to row and junior rowers designed for fun and speed.offered in two weights cadet mini 40-50kg and cadet 45-60kg construction Club B 14.4kg +/- .5kg and Club A 16kg +/- .5kg

Rigging Cadet
Height of Rower Work Height Span
Medium 150 -165cm 14.5cm 151 (148-154
Large 160 -175cm 16cm

155 (152-158cm

full carbon Upgrade

For an additional cost, it is possible to upgrade our Elite boats to “Full Carbon”, which means that all
skins will be 100% carbon from end to end. This results in even greater stiffness, especially for longer
boats, such as 4s and 8s.

Boat Features

swift_01_tn.jpg swift_02_tn.jpg swift_03_tn.jpg swift_04_tn.jpg swift_05_tn.jpg swift_06_tn.jpg swift_07_tn.jpg swift_08_tn.jpg


The single most important factor to consider when choosing a racing boat is the design weight. To maximise your crew’s speed it is essential that they row in a boat that is designed for their weight.
As at February 2010, we have 21 different moulds for “Olympic” type racing boats (7 for 1s, 6 for 2s, 5 for 4s, and 3 for 8s), all based on tried and tested designs, with proven track records, including FISA's own designs for singles, doubles and fours.

With our range of 21 moulds, which is perhaps the most of any builder, not only will you be rowing in a boat that was designed for a crew of your weight, and is not a "cut down" version of some larger boat, but it is likely that you will have a choice of suitable moulds.

To see our latest list of moulds, please contact us.

Crew weights guide

When ordering boats, please specify the average crew weight required in kilogrammes
1st = 6.35kg, 1lb =0.454kg, with 14lbs to a stone.

Kg 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110
St/lb 7/1 7/12 8/9 9/6 10/3 11 11/11 12/8 13/5 14/2 14/13 15/10 16/7 17/4
lbs 99 110 121 132 143 154 165 176 187 198 209 220 231 242

Boat Construction

Honeycomb or foam sandwich hulls have now become standard for rowing boat construction. The method of construction used throughout the industry is surprisingly similar. A selection of carbon, kevlar and fiberglass cloths are bonded to a core material, usually honeycomb or coremat, these are then heat-cured under vacuum at high temperatures. The standard method used by the majority of high quality boat builders, is however labor intensive. China has adopted all the recent technological advances, and benefits from both a history of experience, and low labor costs. For these simple reasons, China is rising to the top in the boat building industry.

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Boat Colours and Boat Names

The standard color for Swift boats is white hull and canvas decks, with black tips for the bow and stern, and black trim on the saxboard btops and wave breaker.  The deck joint line is also black.  For the hull and decks, we use 3 coats of a UV resistant polyurethane paint, with 2 additional coats of trim, to help protect your boat, especially the most vulnerable areas,

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